July 5, 2011

Discussion#1: Is God Moses?

(Dialogue is on)

LiberAvis: We can agree that the statue of Moses is a masterpiece of sculpture, can't we?

Rosa: Nobody can deny that the statue of Moses is a masterful carving in marble.  The way the sculptor represented Moses is unprecedented and unsurpassed.  The statue is not just a carved figure—it is alive.  Each inch of the marble reveals the work of a true artist.

LA: I agree.  However, artistic value notwithstanding, doesn't Moses resemble a familiar image on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

R: The image of God, the Creator Himself.  Moreover, isn't God the one who wrote the Ten Commandments?  It is God who is sitting on the carved seat, holding the tablets.

LA: But why are there horns on his head?

R: Those are not horns, but awkward beams of light.  This feature is the mystery of the statue.  The beams of light signify God, while the horns represent evil.

LA: So basically, the statue of "Moses" is a figuratively two-sided symbolic figure?

R: Exactly.

(Dialogue is off)